About Us

Hi Little Dumplings! Thanks so much for joining us as we continue on with our pride & joy which is Happy Little Dumplings. We started in March 2011 and what a fun, chaotic, crazy, exciting, BUSY, heart warming, tummy filling & tastebud tantalising journey it’s been!

This is us. Mellita (left) and Candice (right). No we’re not sisters, or cousins like people always ask. We’re just two great friends who have something in common. We are hardcore dumpling addicts.  And if you’ve joined us here you know exactly what we’re talking about, right? You know the very same mouth watering that comes from those yum cha cravings, and that tummy rumble as you’re sitting there in a restaurant waiting for those little carts to come around. You’ve poured out your sauce, you’ve lined up your chopstix, you have your jasmin tea ready to go. You’re impatient because you’re insanely hungry and because all you want is for one of those steaming little baskets full of prawn dumplings (in my case) to hit the table and hit your mouth twice as fast. Yep, you know it.

In a nutshell, it was too much having to wait until we had the time or opportunity to hit the valley to fulfil these intense cravings, SO the brilliant idea came about to start selling our favourite food at local markets. With the help of a family chef and a very close family friend restaurateur we have been able to bring you carefully prepared, handmade dumplings with the freshest most premium ingredients available.

And even if you aren’t as committed to dumplings as we are. Try ours, and bet you will be 😉

Candice & Mellita